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Classic Episode: WW does Shooting Stars!

Our intrepid wafflers are joined by a galaxy of talent, as two teams – one from Downend in Bristol, the other from Yatton, North Somerset – do battle in a homage to the great “Vic and Bob” show “Shooting Stars”.

The dove from above…

The most popular episode of WW from times past, here it is once more for your listening pleasure…released on the 8th anniversary of its recording in Feb 2010.

Classic Episode: Lager Taste Test!

Our intrepid wafflers and some invited guests do lager blind taste testing! Who will be the winner? Originally published in Summer of 2009.

Classic Episode: Law Enforcement

A classic episode of Wakedean Waffling, originally published in Dec 2008, where our intrepid Wafflers discuss Law Enforcement…

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