In late 2008, two blokes thought they’d have a go at podcasting . . . which turned into them thinking up an (often daft) idea, and then talking about it – often with friends, nearly always with a  drink – whilst recording it. This continued for a little over a year until early 2010, when events transpired so that they had to call time on “Wakedean Waffling” as it had become known. In that time, the world listened* as they…

  • Tasted and discussed lager
  • Recited the rude alphabet
  • Talked about topics from ranging from the definition of middle age through to playing golf in Tenerife
  • …and the incredibly popular Yatton vs Downend edition of “Shooting Stars”

With a cast of…lots, and precious little idea what they were doing, they blundered through 19 episodes and several thousand downloads!

Some of those episodes from years back will now be available once more for your listening pleasure **, and as well as (re) releasing classic episodes of Wakedean Waffling for people to enjoy again, we’ll also be recording some new ones in the not terribly distant future!!

With regards to the old ones, please ignore any episode numbers; some of the old episodes have been lost and the numbering is no longer relevant. Click on the Classic Episodes link on the right hand side of this page, or via the menu above (the “Classic Episodes” link under “About”).

* We literally did have listeners the world over, including Greece, Northern Canada, USA, Ireland, Australia and the UK.

** Actual listening pleasure may vary…

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